Wood and Resin Necklace

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Handcrafted wood and resin necklace makes the perfect statement .


A little bit about the Mango Wood we use:

1.  On mango plantations, the trees are not grown solely to be turned into furniture. They produce fruit for many years – often for decades. Only when they are too old to produce a harvestable amount of fruit are they cut down.

2.  Almost every cut down mango tree is replaced with another tree. For farmers, an empty spot in the plantation means lost income.

3.  The felled trees are sold and used for making furniture and other goods. This cuts down on waste, and provides additional income for mango farmers and their communities.

4.  Repurposing mango wood also reduces carbon emissions, because the felled trees are no longer being left to rot. Rotting wood produces carbon dioxide.


Handmade in India

Mango Wood

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