Vintage Kantha Throw 21

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Ive had a borderline addictive fascination with vintage fabric ever since I can remember. its no secret! I collect them where ever I go. Kantha  is a type of embroidery from Eastern South Asia, mainly Bangladesh and part of West Bengal and Odisha. Old Saris are stacked on each other and hand stitched to make a type of quilt.  Each throw has its own unique look and feel. True Vintage Kantha like these also have a nice weight to them that adds to it old world charm. 


I love how each Kantha has its own tale, tales of love, friendship, ceremony, not for all to comprehend. Each one is unique . Its an invite to the higher beings for protection and prosperity.This Kantha  weaves it tales together as various pieces are bound together by thread. The process has been passed on for generations, from mothers to daughters. 

Each piece is handmade, patches in some patches are put together to make a whole piece,   sizes vary per kantha. approx 85x60 (inches) but thats the beauty of these pieces. 

Reversible! Each side is different with various color patches.