Solar Plexus mala

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Known as the third primary Charka, this intuitive charka is where we get our "gut" Instincts to do or not to do. Associated with the color yellow, this chakra is involved in warrior energy, and the power of transformation. A healthy spirited third chakra helps overcome inertia and jump-starts a "get-up-and-go" attitude so it is easier to take risks, assert one's will, and assume responsibility for one's life.

Your Mala is handmade with a mixture of classic rudraksha, moonstone and accented with a vintage Indian coin and Saffron yellow silk tassel.

Your mala will arrive its in own traditional screen printed Indian paper box.

Write your own story, stay true!

Rudraksha bead

Moonstone Bead

Vintage Indian coin accent

Saffron Silk Tassel