About Me


I was born in Kerala, South India.

My father was John Chakola or Laxman Pandit as he was known in creative circles.  A charismatic artist misplaced into an old business family. His name still rings around town and his energy still prevails. A legend in his own right merely because he lived his life his way. My Mother is Nimmi Chakola, a brave woman that continues to fight the good fight in a land where one step for a man usually means 10 steps for a woman. Both from old families in Kerala, it was a  classic match that ultimately gave birth to my brother and me, a perfect mismatch in our extended community just like my father intended.

The late Joseph Chakola was my grandfather , a pioneer in his time that had a successful business, and launched the statewide chamber of commerce as a backbone to business development that still stands strong today.

I went to a British boarding school in the hills of Tamil Nadu where my creative side was brought to the forefront. Following my almost Harry Potter like boarding school life minus the magic, I left for the US at 16 for University. My career after college took me from non profit fundraising to the Art Gallery Setting.

What you see in my work today is inspired by a country I left many years ago and now find myself back exploring traditional craft and the nostalgic emotions I left at a young age. My collection is a blend of cultural influences,  using rich materials mixed with clean  lines (and a burst of color here and there)

I now live in India for most of the year , by the water, very close to where I was raised. I spent the rest of the year in America showcasing traditional Indian craftsmanship around the country.

i am passionate about the crafts and colors of India. I live to travel. I love a good meal and true friendships.

Vintage textiles, Raw stones, natural seeds and working directly with artisans that help me bring my designs to life  makes what I do everyday a good one!