Does your Grandpa’s nugget ring need a little revamp?

vintage image of tribal goldsmiths.


In a few weeks i leave OKC for a trip across the seas. Destination, to be honest, a bit uncertain. But I realize that and am ok with it. I have a ticket that lands me in Delhi where I have to do some work, but I have vowed to spend this week planning out the rest. In the past when I’ve done these mini trips I’ve been asked by friends to take old pieces they own to see if I could give it a wee facelift. Sometimes wearing your grandpas old nugget ring that was given to you might not be your thing, so how about letting me take a look at it, see if we can change it up to create something else while still maintaining the sentiment of the piece. I will personally be working with only independant jewelers that have been perfecting their craft for generations. Most have been taught by the generation before them and it’s so amazing to see them work with old tools. Adds so much more authenticity!

If you have an old piece you would like me to come and take a look at, you can email me at I love to work with hammered gold & silver, keeping the metals as natural as possible. The price of gold varies, so I will not be able to give you the exact price of your revamp until I get to India. I will be back in late October with your new piece and will keep you on top of the process through email images.

Call me, Text me, tweet me, email me… whichever mode you choose.

One love,

The gypsy gal



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